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Everyone is telling you to use social media – but who’s telling you to be careful?

Despite what some may suggest, social media is not all that new. As far as I’m concerned, it’s old – very old. News groups, email boards, forums, shout-out and guest boxes, rating, review and comment systems etc. You can see where today’s social media originates from.

And yet, despite it maturing slowly over time, and having plenty of users and uses, I’m still not seeing many people waving a warning flag, violently pointing to the danger signs or trying to help people see the potentially massive holes that social media has for you, your staff, your company and your reputation.

*puts on best old-sea-dog voice*
There be dangers in social media!

social media minefield

Sources of risk:

Though we can slice and dice this numerous ways, I think sticking to broad and clear labels saves a lot of confusion. I’m sure you can work out the finer details and individual items based on the following…

Yourself and employees
Often one of the greatest assets, you or your staff can also be one of the biggest liabilities. From accidentally letting slip confidential information, through to intentional leaks, or silly slipups, mistypes or plain old bad behaviour that calls your company or industry into disrepute.

There’s nothing like a scorned employee – and social platforms can be a prime way to lash out at you for revenge. Accidents are unlikely, if it’s an ex-employee, it’s going to be intentional.

Clients, customers and consumers
Straight from the horse’s mouth – people put a lot of weight on what current and pre-existing customers or clients say about you, your services or your products. Unhappy…

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