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Jonathan Wichmann - InstagramEditor’s Note: Unfortunately the audio in this episode was compromised, so we decided to run the transcript only for this amazing episode with Jonathan Wichmann. Please read it, Jonathan has some amazing tips for marketers everywhere, especially in the B2B sector. Also, please note that this episode was recorded prior to the passing of the great David Bowie.

In This Episode

How an internally driven social plan (versus externally created) leads to a trustworthy and speedy network
Why “social” means “democratic” when it comes to structure
How letting down your competitive guard leads to a successful B2B social presence
Why B2B social exists in more than just the Marketing/Communications Department



Jay: Welcome, everybody to Social Pros, the podcast for real people doing real work in social media. I am, as always, Jay Baer from Convince & Convert, joined as per usual by my pal, my special Texas friend. He is the executive strategist at Salesforce Marketing Cloud, live from Austin, Texas, still under the weather but here nonetheless, the one, the only, Mr. Adam Brown. That’s Adam Brown.

Adam: Hey, hello, howdy and thank you. It is great to be here. As you said, Jay, the cedar fever has still continued to plague me. This week it’s mold and cedar. That is your pollen forecast. We’ll have the rest of your forecast right after these commercial messages.

Jay: We need a sponsor for this part of the season, like from Sudafed or somebody, “The Social Pros Podcast, brought to you by Sudafed.”

Adam: I agree. Hopefully though this will resolve itself so these little messa…

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