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The Right Way to Ask for Customer Reviews

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Unless a majority of them are negative, having more reviews is better than having fewer reviews. Sometimes, the total number of reviews for a product or company is prominently displayed on the website, and can serve as visual shorthand that helps consumers decide to click or purchase.

It‘s good business to ask your customers to provide reviews, as long as it isn‘t too aggressive or a quid-pro-quo. There‘s a fine line between encouraging reviews and demanding them. Even Yelp, which, without a steady stream of new reviews, would be as useful as a knife and fork in a hot dog eating contest, discourages businesses from overtly asking for reviews.

Personal Connections Matter

As a practical matter, however, businesses do often ask their customers to provide Yelp reviews, says Martin Shervington, who runs Plus Your Business, a local reviews consulting firm. “What we‘ve found is that when there is a more personal connection between the business and the customer, whether it‘s a server, a manager, an owner, customers are more likely to provide a review,” he says. “TripAdvisor and Google do not prohibit or discourage review solicitation the same way Yelp does, but businesses everywhere are asking for reviews, and they should.”

An Amazing True Story of Asking for Reviews

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