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The Single Most Important Social Media Marketing Metric

As marketers, Peter Drucker’s oft-repeated phrase, “What gets measured gets improved,” is more than a piece of wisdom—it’s a way of life. We know we need to measure results in order to actually get them, but all too often we’re measuring the wrong things—especially when it comes to social media metrics.

It’s easy to fall into the trap of using “vanity metrics” to measure social media marketing. Vanity metrics are those sneaky metrics that make you feel good (Followers! Likes! Favorites!), but don’t necessarily show success at impacting the bottom line of your business.

However, social media marketing can and does impact the bottom line, either directly or indirectly. It follows that the success of a social media marketing campaign is measured by its ability to achieve business objectives.

The good news is that it’s possible to break free of these social media vanity metrics and come out on the other side, by focusing on the single most important marketing metric: conversions. Social media can and does impact business objectives by helping companies acquire customers. This article uncovers why and how to measure your conversions.

The End of Vanity Metrics

Eric Ries, the pioneer of the Lean movement, wrote a seminal piece on the dangers of vanity metrics that is still quite relevant today. According to Ries, the danger comes from focusing on a set of metrics that isn’t directly tied to a revenue stream. (highlight to tweet) While 1,000 likes on your latest social post might make you feel warm and fuzzy, it doesn’t give a clear picture of the true health of your business. Other vanity metric…

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