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Our good friend Juan González from Sistrix has taken a look at the winners and losers of Google’s 2015 mobile friendly update. 

Last week’s Mobile World Congress in Barcelona had the dawning of AMP (Accelerated Mobile Pages) firmly on the agenda, and this coupled with the following evaluation of 200 domains, really hits home that one of the largest mistakes you can make is not having a mobile friendly website.

Take for an example The British Monarchy. Royal.gov.uk does not offer a mobile-friendly version of its site, which means its mobile-visibility is 37% lower than their desktop counterpart.

When Sistrix looked at the amount of keywords they rank for, there were 50% fewer mobile keywords (1,063 mobile keywords vs 2,054 desktop keywords). This means that for those 991 mobile keywords some other domain will have taken the place of Royal.gov.uk for a smartphone search on Google.

Here are some more winners and losers…

1) Twitter.com

The beleaguered social network actually had the largest gain in mobile visibility. Twitter.com ranks for 211,660 keywords for a desktop search and 272,368 keywords for mobile searches. A huge difference of nearly 60,000 keywords, (28%).

Twitter ranks for 78% more top 10 keywords on mobile than on desktop-searches.

twitter mobile visibility

Clearly partnering with Google and allowing its tweets to be indexed has led to this triumph.

2) Msdmanuals.com

The domain for Merck, the healthcare manual provider, has roughly the same number of mobile and desktop keywords (12,393 vs. 11,600), with a slight edge of 6,5% for the mobile keywords.

If you only look at the keywords within the top 10 search results, the mobile version ranks for 1.110 keywords while …

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