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New guidelines from the Federal Trade Commission have many marketers worried about the future of native advertising.

As is the case with any new regulation, there are some who are opposed to the restrictions. The Interactive Advertising Bureau says it is “concerned” about some of the wording in the new guidelines and has asked the FTC for clarification.

The chief revenue officer of Forbes Media, Mark Howard, is worried the new rules will limit creativity:

“As soon as you start to standardize things and put guidelines around things, you limit the level of creativity and innovation that is able to occur. If you put out stringent guidelines, are you going to put people back in the box?”

Another concern for marketers is the growing use of ad-blocking software by consumers.

According to GlobalWebIndex, 38% of computer users currently use ad-blockers. And just months after Apple started allowing iOS users to block ads, a whopping 30% of US mobile users report using ad-blockers.

rise of ad blocking chart

Throwing even more fuel onto the fire, there is also concern that as they become more and more sophisticated, more ad blockers could begin to block native ads than those already being reported.

There’s still debate as to the actual financial impact of ad blockers. WPP’s Martin Sorrell contends that there’s been no noticeable effect on advertisers thus far, while Adobe and PageFair claim that more than $22 billion in global ad revenues were lost in 2015 due to ad blockers.

At any rate, the increasing popularity of ad blocking software is a very real threat to marketers, whether they’re already feeling the pinch or not. With rates for PPC based on the popularity of the host website, you could be paying t…

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