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Ever want to take a day off from posting on social media?

Have you considered scheduling posts for weekends and holidays, or when you just can’t respond?

Posting to Facebook and Twitter when many businesses are silent helps you stay top of mind with your followers.

In this article you’ll discover how to keep your social media accounts stocked with content when you’re on break.
Why Post on Weekends?
Some non-workdays are perfect times to be active on social media for certain types of businesses (think special offers for ecommerce sites during the holidays, for example). Simply greeting your followers on a holiday is a great way to build genuine likes and interactions.

Listen to this article:

Contrary to popular belief, social media posting on weekends is essential for your brand presence growth. The following studies show Saturday and Sunday posts can increase your interactions:

Weekend posts on Facebook get more engagement than workweek posts.
Weekend and Wednesday tweets are believed to be the best days for B2C companies.
Weekend and afternoon tweets show the highest click-through rates.

While posting on weekends and holidays can make sense for your business, the desire to take a well-deserved day off is understandable. Read on for some tips to keep your accounts active on those days.
#1: Schedule Content Effectively
If you’ll be taking a weekend or holiday vacation, scheduling some updates for that time is a smart strategy.

I recommend that you schedule updates with a tool like MavSocial because it’s free and supports top social media networks. You can use the Post Manager feature to schedule your social medi…

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