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This is a brief guide to the definitions, distinctions, methods and use of some oft-confused, but very useful methodologies for understanding mobile customers.

Where marketing, web, design, UX and development collide there is bound to be a confusing mishmash of terminology and confusion of definitions. One of the best (or worst) examples of this is the mobile… customer journey, user journey, path to purchase, use cases, user stories etc.

Done properly, with research and analysis, leading to careful mapping and descriptions these techniques are really useful ways of:

Focusing attention – of the business, project team etc. – on the customer/user
Understanding how they use their mobile devices to get things done, including interacting with and purchasing from organizations/businesses.

It’s also an excellent way to help justify investment in mobile to business people.

As user experience expert Paul Boag says:

If you need to convince management that digital transformation is required — map your customer journeys.

Whether it is customer journeys or user journeys, it’s clear the concept and methodology is taking root with big business. The Royal Bank of Scotland takes this so seriously that it has employs specialists in mobile journeys. A role we’ve not seen elsewhere… yet.

Martin Young, senior mobile journey manager, Royal Bank of Scotland tells ClickZ:

The mobile journey makes up part of the overall omni-channel. Lines are becoming ever more blurred as our customers are starting to demand fulfilment and self-service capability regardless of the touch point they interact with.

To quote our CEO Ross McEwan “Our busiest branch in 2014 was the 7:01 from Reading to Paddington – 167,000 of our customers use our mobile banking app between 7am and 8am on their commute to work every day.”

The mapping of the customer journey within mobile is continually evolving as operating platform…

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