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It’s a new year, and that means it’s time shift into some new habits regarding your keyword research. Rather than simply targeting marketing blasts at either the in-demand or the long tail, you may want to think about carefully tailoring your tactics to the shape of your niche’s keyword demand distribution curve. In today’s Whiteboard Friday, Rand details four steps to using these curves to support and improve your existing strategies.

How to Model a Demand Distribution Curve Whiteboard

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Video Transcription

Howdy, Moz fans, and welcome to another edition of Whiteboard Friday. Let’s kick off 2016 with a little bit of discussion about something higher level, and that is the demand distribution curve of your particular niche when it comes to content, social media, and SEO. That is, search demand for keywords.

What I think we can do here and what I’ve seen in the past is that folks who understand their distribution of demand, what people want from them and where in the process they want it, have this unique advantage because they can apply tactics that fit with their niche and with their customers’ needs so much better than folks who try blasting these marketing tactics that are made for places where there’s heavy demand all throughout the demand curve or there’s a long tail of demand. They blast these tactics at distribution curves where they don’t make sense. I think that probably contributes to a lot of the frustration that marketers see in why their tactics and their strategies don’t work.

Let me suggest a process for you.1) Analyze the keyword demand distribution in your space.

This sounds fancy. It’s not fancy at all. Basically, what I’m saying is go make a list of all the keywords i…

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