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Today we’re excited to remove the Beta label on Moz Local Insights! This feature has been in beta since November when David first announced it. This release of Insights continues the push to provide our customers with a holistic understanding of local search presence.

First, a tremendous thank you to all of our customers who gave us feedback about what works and what doesn’t work.

In the two months that Insights has been active for all 60K+ listings in Moz Local, we’ve collected 2.5 billion individual metrics! Insights is tracking 220K search keywords, traffic for 13K locations in Google Analytics, and 1.1M reviews.

Now, with the addition of Google My Business data and Google/Facebook reviews, Moz Local Insights is ready to have organizations large and small depend on it to deliver value for customers investing in local search.

This release includes a large number of small improvements and tweaks. However, the following are the big changes since we first announced Insights:

First up: Google My Business data

The release of the Google My Business API has been a welcome change for everyone doing local listing management. We have big plans in the near future to make extensive use of the API to help with distribution by eliminating the need for downloading and uploading CSVs every time listing information changes.

Moz Local Insights helps clients with many US/UK locations see what their performance looks like in aggregate across all your Google My Business locations. We’re using the API to help collect Google My Business data currently locked away in the dashboard and accessible only a single location at a time.

Here’s how Google My Business data looks like within Moz Local for a medium-sized client:

Screenshot 2016-02-05 16.12.20 copy.png

The screens…

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