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The Evolution of Dance (and YouTube)

Ten years ago, before the dawn of the big man on video campus (YouTube), Judson Laipply filmed himself doing a dance routine that was a comedic bit for one of his motivational speeches. He needed a way to post it on his Myspace page (remember those days?), so he chose YouTube as his video service because of its user-friendly layout.

After posting the video, he left for a weekend retreat without any cell or internet service, and upon returning home, Judson soon discovered he was one of the first people to become a viral internet sensation.

In Judson’s words, he experienced a “rocket booster of 10–15 years of acceleration from an exposure standpoint” as a result of his “Evolution of Dance” video. He would soon be the only person to be a guest on both Oprah and Tosh.0. He has also appeared in music videos for both the Barenaked Ladies and Weezer.

Judson explains that the only reason he was able to leverage his 15 minutes of fame so successfully was due to many years of hard work in his chosen field, something many viral sensations lack. He also speaks to cultivating a YouTube following, the state of social media today, and his career as a motivational speaker on this week’s episode of Content Pros.

In This Episode:

What makes YouTube so powerful
What makes a “successful” 15 minutes of fame
Identifying the keys to being an influential presence on YouTube today
Finding the balance between preparation and spontaneity in content
The differences between live and digital performance
The behind-the-scenes prep for success that the world never sees



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