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What Brands Get Wrong About Local Marketing Strategy

Since December of 2015, we have seen Google become more deeply involved in helping brands manage their location data in a seamless way. The Google My Business API rollout has been a welcome development to more quickly and efficiently keep Google listings updated.

For multi-location organizations, accurate and updated local data in each market where the brand has a presence is absolutely critical. Organizations are finding more and more that they need to target consumers at the local level to be successful in achieving the sales they desire across different regions and locations. (highlight to tweet)

Google recognizes the importance of accurate local data, and its My Business API is quickly becoming an immense value add for multi-location organizations across a variety of industries.

One important factor to note, however, is that there are still manual capabilities the API does not currently cover. However, these important location management functions can be managed by the individual brand if they understand what gaps they may still have in their location management strategy.

Below are three areas of local marketing activity that should be manually managed by either the organization’s enterprise marketing team or a partnering marketing solutions providers.

1. Verification

It’s especially important to note that no listings can be managed through the Google My Business API which have not already been verified through Google’s existing process, which means receiving a postcard in the mail at a business location or an automated phone call at a location’s listed phone number. While Google has experimented with e…

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