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What Happens When a Brand Embraces Its Story

I love finding brands who have deep-seated community values, who embrace the story of what made them become a brand in the first place, and who have a vision for how they plan to grow into something awesome.

Sure, we live in a world where many brands and people are focused on getting ahead and achieving only monetary goals. But there are plenty of brands and marketing teams that enjoy being part of the community and are incorporating a big-picture mentality with story-worthy assets into their business models. And guess what? Consumers, especially millennials, love this.

When I find such a brand, my soul gets a little happier, and of course I have to share it with the world. Jones Scones is my new favorite example of such brand. They’re a brand to watch from the digital marketing world because they are already doing creative things that outshine giant brands.

(Because I’m a fan of full disclosure, I should say that the owner of this lovely up-and-coming company gave me free scones. They were chocolate espresso, and it’s possible that the yummy scones made me biased.)

Here are some highlights from the Jones Scones approach to business to get the wheels turning and creative juices flowing when it comes to integrating community and the bigger picture into your influencer marketing plan and overall branding.

Lead With a Story

This new wave of savvy consumers has made businesses realize that, more than ever, brands need a story as much as they need an awesome product. (highlight to tweet)

When a curious visitor investigates your brand’s site and social channels, they want faces and real stories to connec…

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