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What Happens When You Engage Fans With Facebook Live

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As an agricultural company, part of our editorial calendar is telling the story of our products—seeds—and the people—farmers—who use them. From an editorial planning prospective, one of the great things about the growing season is that it’s predictable—plant the seed, grow it, harvest the crop.

But there are several variables during those three stages that make the season different for each farmer. From a storytelling perspective, the variables can provide the tension that makes a story compelling.

The stories and stunning visuals associated with farming make video an excellent storytelling device. With the launch of Facebook Live to brands, Monsanto recently experimented with it to tell the story of the growing season.

How Monsanto Uses Facebook Live

We visited a farm three times to provide an update on the crop. Here’s the first visit:


The live capability allows us to provide real-time updates to fans about our business and our customers’ business.

For those of you dealing with a skeleton staff of camera crews and video editors and reviewers, you know that shooting, editing, reviewing, and posting a video can be a long process. Facebook Live provides the story right now. On the farm, particularly with weather events, it can take less than a day for the story to change. And let’s be honest: video just seems a lot cooler when you’re watching it live.

Here are a few reasons we decided to try Facebook Live and a few tips to consider as you think about a strategy.

Live Video Engages Fans

Consider this: farmers are only two percent of the U.S….

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