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Over the past 9 years, I’ve probably attended hundreds of marketing conferences. In the early days, I was an attendee there to learn all the things. Then after I started at Moz, I attended them as “press” and I would write about the conference on the Moz blog and live-tweet and such. At some point along the way I began to speak at different events: first about SEO, then social media, now community, and all the marketing in between.

Mat Siltala and I answering questions in our session at SearchFest. Thanks Arnie Kuenn for the pic!

At every conference I attend, no matter what my role is, I try to walk away with one tactic, one idea, one thing I can take back to my team and test, or implement, or even just understand better. After so many events, though, it can be difficult. Certainly not because I know all the things, and not because the speakers aren’t giving out excellent advice — but because after so many events, it all starts to sound the same. It’s not the same, of course (except for those few times I’ve attended the same conference two years in a row and saw the exact same presentation from a couple folks. Yikes!).

As I mature as a marketer, I’m finding myself walking away from excellent events, not with one specific tactic or idea, but with an entire theme. And that the theme, the group of ideas and discussions, are what I really get out of the event.

For example, at MozCon 2015, the theme for me was “disruption.” Now, this wasn’t the actual theme of the conference, but the part that stuck out to me from many of the talks was the idea that you can disrupt your industry and, sometimes more importantly, yourself. Since then, the idea of disruption has constantly been top-of-mind. Asking things like how will this shake things up, how wil…

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