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I have a difficult task.

In order to promote our upcoming two-day digital marketing event called Shift, taking place in London on 24 – 25 May, I have to define what it means to be a digital leader.

Why ‘difficult’? Well if you’ve noticed our own editorial shift over the past 6 months on SEW and ClickZ, then you’ll be aware what a dislike we’ve taken towards buzzwords. It’s the digital marketing industry, there are a lot of them about. But confetti-like usage of jargon doesn’t help anybody.

The main focus of Shift 2016 is to help you become a ‘digital leader’. However this is a hugely wide-ranging term that can mean a vast array of things. And as we all know, the more general a term is, the more open to interpretation it is, and the more chance someone will flower it up with unnecessary language. Just check out the Wikipedia definition of ‘single customer view’.

So here I am, about to answer the question ‘what is Digital Leadership?’ as clearly and succinctly as possible without sounding like… well… the Wikipedia definition of ‘single customer view’…

What is Digital Leadership?

To be a digital leader you need to not only excel at every discipline touched by digital within your organisation but also set an example to other organisations and individuals who are struggling with digital transformation themselves.

You’re all okay with what ‘digital transformation’ means right? Because if not, we’re screwed.

Digital transformation

Digital transformation ultimately means putting the customer as the sole focus of all your organisation’s actions.

You already know that digital has opened up this amazing and occasionally intimidating ability to measure, track and market to customers in a way that we’ve never achieved reliably before. So if a company has digitally transformed it means it can react relevantly, in the moment to the ‘right person’.

And by the…

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