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What Key & Peele Can Teach Marketers About Contagious Content

It’s no secret to people who know me, and it’s not going to be one if you keep reading: I love Key & Peele. I don’t mean “love” in a generic way, as in people who say, “Oh, they’re fun. They do great skits.” I mean I’ve seen all five seasons of their show since the beginning. I have watched each episode at least a dozen times. I quote them (my husband now ignores me) as often as possible.

(By the way, calling them “skits” makes you sound like my grandma who, when I try to explain improv versus sketch versus stand-up, replies with, “That’s nice, dear”—older-folk speak for “I don’t care!”)

As a business storyteller, improviser, and comedian who has taken sketch and writing classes at Second City (it’s in the handbook that all good improvisers make a Second City pilgrimage at least once in their lives), I think this duo represents the best of what great comedy storytelling and social satire can and should be. And since they finished their very last season, it’s time to sum up all that “nooice-ness” (as they would say) into some important lessons for business storytellers, content marketers, and hey, anyone who wants their content to be better resonate with audiences.

Great Content Has Strong Characters With Strong Points of View

Storytelling is grounded in rich protagonists that are flawed, funny, endearing, annoying—human and multi-dimensional. Lots of organizational storytelling stinks because character development is shallow. (highlight to tweet) If we cut corners here…

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