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What Makes Audiences Trust Your Influence Marketing

While once thought of as a fading trend, influence marketing is back and hotter than ever. It’s no wonder, with the ever-increasing amount of brand-generated content and ad-blockers making it harder to promote branded content, that brands are looking for new ways to reach their audience.

This white hot channel is not only the talk of the town—it’s showing its staying power with results marketers only dream of. Reports are showing returns anywhere from 1.5 times investment to, according to a recent study by Tomoson, an ROI of $6.50 for every $1 spent. You would be crazy not to jump on this bandwagon.

I’ve worked in influence marketing, working directly with brands looking to connect with their target audience through a trusted source. While analyzing the profiles prospective influencers, I regularly saw clients shy away from an “ideal fit” and towards the influencers with the most followers. This isn’t necessarily a bad thing—playing the numbers game can be a safe approach.

Vanity metrics such as likes, shares, views, and engagement are an easy way to narrow down your list of prospective influencers, but will this approach get you the results you are looking for?

The appeal of engaging influencers to share your message is centered around trust. These influencers have built an audience from scratch. They understand that their audience will keep coming back for more, as long as they remain authentic and true to their original brand. So what happens when the influencer becomes popular and is inundated with PR requests from brands? (highlight to tweet) Are they going to turn down the money? Do they h…

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