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What You Didn't Know About Snapchat's Power for Social Good

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For anyone who works in tech and media, the new year starts with the annual Consumers Electronics Show (CES). In Las Vegas during the first week in January, advancements in technology are introduced and predictions are made for the year. This year, Snapchat was everywhere—literally.

As Director of National Media Accounts for the Ad Council, I work with Snapchat to build social impact partnerships that raise awareness of critical issues in America. In October, we launched a partnership with Snapchat, running two custom filters nation-wide for our cyber bullying prevention campaign called “I am a Witness.”

I Am a Witness Snapchat campaign

Thanks to our partners at Delmondo, we had several Snapchat influencers developing unique content with our filters and encouraging their fans to use it. In just one day, we had over ten million people using our filters! One influencer, Wysamx, collected fan videos on his Snapchat story featuring people from all over the world.

While PSAs serve an important purpose, Snapchat engaged our users in a way that watching a 30-second video simply does not. (highlight to tweet) We’re not the only organization that’s seen this kind of success, either. AIDS-fighting organization RED recently launched a partnership with Snapchat as well, with the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation donating $3 for every bra…

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