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What's Missing From Your Omnichannel Strategy?

Technology’s rapid rise plays a major role in why it’s important to focus on omnichannel marketing. With omnichannel marketing, every customer experience is smooth and consistent, regardless of the ways they access material. Whether they’re doing research or purchasing an item, customers could use a smartphone, tablet, or computer, or they may walk into a store.

These variables can make it difficult to create a uniform experience. The areas explored below can help you pinpoint pieces of the omnichannel marketing puzzle you’ve overlooked.

A Thorough, Realistic Understanding of the Customer Experience

It’s easy to become caught up in the details of what constitutes a great customer experience and forget to mirror customer actions. To improve your omnichannel marketing strategies, you should direct staff members to go through stages of the customer experience. Instruct them to look for factors that may cause people to give up without making purchases or cause them to become frustrated and not return.

It’s especially important to focus these efforts online. You should recreate the steps of:

Searching for items
Purchasing items
Submitting requests for help
Navigating to different sections of a website on various browsers and operating systems


If the customer experience is much more difficult than necessary, consider removing potential purchasing barriers.

A Mobile-Friendly Platform

Last month, data from BDO showed that, in 2015, many retailers began recognizing the value of mobile platforms. Case in point: Amazon rolled out same-day delivery service, plus an accompanying app that caters to people w…

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