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Hassan Ali - Instagram-2Branding Voices and Choices

Hassan Ali has handled many large campaigns while at Onion Labs, the Onion’s in-house ad agency, including the brand new comedy series, Dr. Jimm. It stars SNL’s Kenan Thompson and serves to encourage PC-buying millenials to upgrade to new computers.

Hassan has created branded content using the Onion’s satirical voice for companies such as Intel, Progressive Insurance, and eBay.

Hassan’s mission is to create advertising that people actually want to interact with, especially through humor and satire. Hassan is also an active Viner, with 12 million loops.

He talks to our Content Pros hosts today about why laughter is so important and how that simple act can affect brand voices and choices.

In This Episode

How to identify when to take a risk with your branding voice
Exploring your brand’s boundaries
Why it’s important to stay on-voice with your brand
How incorporating humor can boost your brand
Determining the right partners for your voice
How to speak to your audience of “fence-sitters”
A superior measurement of content success


Quotes From This Episode:

“When you have humor involved in anything, you have the opportunity to diffuse, take the edge off of those concerns, because you have people buying into a funny concept as it is. So people’s guards can go down a little bit and say, ‘Okay, I’ll go along with this joke even if I’m the butt of the joke a little bit.’” —@hassanisms

“If you’re a startup brand, I don’t think you want to be spreading your voice out too much. You want to have a firm, soli…

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