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What do running fanatics, body-builders and hotdog-eating champions have in common? They will all tell you that you can’t improve what you don’t measure.

The same applies when it comes to your digital marketing.

Guesswork: a pretty lousy marketing model

Digital marketing is playing a bigger and bigger role in countless businesses. Everything you do as a business online has the potential to bring your target audience closer to your brand. But how do you know if the way you are marketing yourself online is having the desired effect?

That’s where analytics come in.

Analytics give you insight into how much engagement you are getting from your online activities — such as what people are reading on your website, where they are clicking and what they are doing afterwards. Without analytics you are just guessing. And guessing isn’t a very good marketing model.

Too much information = mega frustration. There’s a way around that.

Got your wellies handy? Some analytics packages track the way people engage with your emails, website and social media before almost drowning you with data. That leaves you wading through a murky swamp of acquisitions, post reaches and lead-close ratios. Hmm, no thanks. The trick is to monitor the metrics that matter.

Time to set the record straight?

Here to help is our upcoming webinar, where we will discuss the metrics that every business should be tracking — and those they shouldn’t. Join us for a one-hour discussion with a small panel of been-there-done-it specialists. What they don’t know about marketing a business online…well, you get the idea.

Luke Brynley-Jones, CEO of social media agency Our Social Times
Tamara Baranova, Founder of TMJConsulting
Tamsin Fox-Davies, Small Business Evangelist at Constant Contact
Sean Clark, Search and social media expert

You can eavesdrop — is it eavesdropping if you are invited? — on how to tie metrics to business goals, how to start tracking metrics and how to develop a digital marketing measurement framework that will put you streets ahead of your competitors. We will also discuss the best metrics for analysing web, email and social media performance.

Spoiler alert: different metrics are suited to different things.

Make a little noise, bag a little prize

Naturally you’ll want to join the conversation for the insight you’ll get into improving your digital marketing. But as an extra incentive, we will be giving away prizes for the best questions and comments you can level at our panel. So don’t be shy, dive in to the conversation.

To take part all you need is an internet connection and a space in your diary at 3pm on Tuesday July 14th. Register for ‘solving the measurement puzzle’.

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