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Essential for digital marketing measurement

From sessions to unique visits, clicks to goal completions, Likes to engagement rates — the list of digital marketing metrics is endless. The trick is to recognise which metrics matter (and matter most to your clients). During our recent webinar, ‘Growing your digital marketing agency: solving the measurement puzzle,’ our panellists discussed which metrics are essential and identified ‘vanity’ metrics which should be left behind.

The great advantage that digital marketing has over almost all other forms of marketing is the sheer number and variation of metrics available. There are ‘hard’ metrics, such as site visits, page views, clicks, downloads, and conversions, where value is largely attributed based on quantity; and then there are ‘soft’ metrics, such as engagement, positive advocacy and sentiment, which are more about quality and the strength of relationships.

While most marketing teams will be encouraged to focus on hard metrics, anyone involved with brand marketing and reputation management is likely to need soft metrics (we explore brand metrics in some detail below). Regardless of their focus, the two big questions that all marketers start with are: which metrics do I really need (and, conversely, which ones can I ignore)? And, where can I find the ones I need?


Where to find digital marketing metrics

When we asked our panellists for the best sources of digital marketing data, they suggested that every business needs a combination of:


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