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Every year, roughly 110 million households (46% of Americans) tune into the most iconic football game of the year.

When consumers have questions or are seeking information related to the Super Bowl they turn to Google as it’s one of the most searched for events of the year in the world.

Let’s analyze some of the consumer search data to see this year’s real winners.

In addition to battling on the football field, the Broncos and Panthers battled for search volume too. It was neck and neck throughout until Denver pulled away when the game looked to be out of reach.

sb 01

Brands pay big bucks for Super Bowl television spots, so measuring their effectiveness is essential and can be tricky. One way to do so is to look at which ads drove the most search volume (consumer engagement).

Advertiser search interest during Super Bowl

Looking at the top commercials, it looks like the Audi r8 Commander spot drove the most searches. This was followed by Jeep’s Portraits spot. Hyundai’s Ryanville ad was entertaining (who doesn’t love Ryan Reynolds?) but didn’t drive the volume of the other car competitor’s ads. Doritos had two funny ads and you can see in the chart that search volume spiked when they ran, but was considerably less than Audi and Jeep. Heinz came through with the cutest ad by far but barely registered a blip compared to the others.

sb 02

sb 03

Comparing the quarterbacks throughout the season it’s in…

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