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Susan Baier - InstagramDefeating the Pink Slip

This episode was nearly named “How to Systemize Your Creativity” but the conversation around the revolving door of agencies was too good to pass up!

Agencies (advertising, digital, marketing, media, PR) can find it difficult to keep a client for the long haul. It seems like right as you finish a major project with a company, they turn around a boot you to the curb. How dare they!

But seriously… why? To avoid getting fired, it’s important to know why you’re getting fired in the first place. Susan and Drew, who have an impressive 50+ years combined of experience in marketing, teamed up to help your agency succeed with a major report on agency hiring and firing in 2015.

Their new research captures the attitudes, beliefs, and behaviors of 500 decision makers with marketing budgets up to $10 million annually. A few gems we gleaned include the importance of communication follow-through, the reality of sharing your clients with the competition, and the growing appeal of agency specialization.

In This Episode

Why data geeks have replaced the cool creatives at the agency cafeteria table and what it means for your agency’s account management
How focusing on and communicating ROI will lead to bigger budgets
Why a successful campaign doesn’t lead to a renewed contract for inattentive agencies
How truth in advertising (agencies) leads to a happy customer
Why your former intern’s Twitter account lost you that client


Quotes From This Episode

“Things like company size and staff size aren’t as important as agencies may be thinking.” —@susanbaier (highlight to twe…

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