Originally at https://searchenginewatch.com/2016/06/10/why-and-how-to-comprehensively-test-the-mobile-usability-of-your-site/

Testing with Google’s mobile-friendly and page-speed tests is a good discipline, but if you really want competitive edge on the mobile web this is just the starting point.

Google has done an excellent job of promoting the importance of the mobile-friendly website, with its mobile-friendly test and search algorithm that prioritizes mobile-friendly sites in search results.

Now it is putting web performance – i.e. how fast your site loads on a mobile device – in the spotlight with its new business-focused mobile web testing tool, which is based on a revamped PageSpeed Insights tool.

Is this a sign that performance/page speed – like mobile-friendliness – will become a more significant factor in mobile search rankings? Perhaps. Probably. But that shouldn’t be your sole motivation for testing and fixing. Your site should be fast and lean on a mobile device because that means a better usability and user experience (UX).

Testing your webpages with Google’s PageSpeed Insights and the Mobile-friendly tool is a great start to improving the mobile usability of your website. The percentage scores eye-catching and motivational and the recommendations are insightful. But if you want to achieve competitive advantage over your rivals on the mobile web, this is just part of the picture.

This column will demonstrate the importance of taking a holistic view of mobile usability testing, using a range of tools. It will introduce some useful tools and explain how to use them to discover and investigate mobile usability and user experience (UX) problems.

It will also demonstrate the importance of seeing how you stack up against the competition.

Two common misconceptions about Google’s mobile-friendly test and PageSpeed Insights

1.Google’s Mobile-friendly test and PageSpeed Insights tests your whole site – NO.

Actually you are only testing the one webpage – usually the homepage – that you enter in the search b…

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