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Why B2Bs Have It All Wrong About Social Media

2016 is here, and it’s safe to say that the hype around social media has well and truly settled.

We have watched social charge through its wild, carefree teenage years and make billions of friends in the process. Undeniably the popular kid at school, the period of freedom has now come to an end. It’s time to settle down, get a real job, and pay back mum and dad some of the money it owes.

With social media platforms as a whole reaching a stage of maturity, it begs the question: Why are so many B2B companies still not making the most of social? (highlight to tweet)

Though there are a number of stellar examples of B2B brands who have implemented a comprehensive social strategy, the vast majority of them remain conspicuously absent. Perhaps they’re unconvinced of the value, or they’re unsure of how exactly to implement it, or potentially even a little scared?

No matter the reason, it’s time for B2Bs to address some limiting beliefs. And that begins with the terminology.

From Social Media to Social Technologies

The term “social media” comes with a whole suite of preconceived ideas. It is hard to separate the term from key platforms such as Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, or Twitter, and though these platforms are undeniably big players, social should not be defined solely by the platforms that comprise it.

At its core, social is a mindset, a concept, and an approach. It is an idea on which platforms were founded and on which new ones will be developed. But it is more than the platforms.

It is the expression of its fundamental idea: to open up communication, collaboration, and th…

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