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Part one of our series on Why Companies Create Content we looked at changing customer perception and part two focused on making use of public opinion.

This next instalment explores how companies can best construct content to respond to the frequent (and not so frequent) queries that come from their audience.

Part three: To answer customer questions

As consumers we’re a demanding bunch – we don’t just expect excellent customer service, we insist on it and shout from the rooftops when companies aren’t doing what we ask of them.

With the ability to browse shops or do our banking 24/7, it’s only natural that you imagine there’d be someone there to answer your queries during the same time period.

With our favourite social apps at our fingertips, it’s only natural that instead of listening to Greensleeves on never-ending repeat with a call centre or sending an email into a virtual black hole, we target our questions (or ire) at companies directly, and publicly.

Studies vary in the actual specific figures, but it’s suggested that around 20-40% of people opt to use social media to direct questions at a business rather than to go trawling through their website or calling up an actual human being.

customers using social media

source: Zendesk

Let’s put this to the test – before you crack on with reading the rest of this article, I want you to take part in a little experiment – open up Twitter (or your preferred social network) and send a simple question to a company.

I tried this out this a couple of years ago during a lecture to 30 students at Brighton University taking a Digital Media degree. During the 90 minute session, only two responses were received. Not the most scientifi…

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