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Crafting a Nuanced Experience

This week’s episode of Content Pros is a special hosts only show with your favorite hosts, Chris Moody and Randy Frisch. After hearing Chris and Randy interviewing the top content marketers in the industry each week, it’s time to turn the microphone back on them and hear their own thoughts on a multitude of content marketing topics.

Much of the episode centers around the big picture effect of content marketing, which is experience. They press forward the idea that crafting genuine customer experience is more nuanced and multifaceted than many marketers would believe.

Covering everything from content creation to distribution and from the gated/non-gated debate to becoming a great content manager, Chris and Randy use this valuable time to speak to the entire content marketing process.

In This Episode:

How to provide the right experience for each channel
The most important factors when determining whether to promote gated or non-gated content
Identifying when you’re innovating vs. following the “format”
Why creating more nuanced content matters
How globalization affects your content strategy
Best practice marketing tools
Why you should have a “librarian” on staff


Quotes From This Episode:

“One of the things that I don’t think we challenge enough is, what is the right experience for each channel?” —@randyfrisch

“It’s not a hard line drawn in the sand that says, ‘Okay, this is over here. This is over there on the gated side.’ It’s more saying, ‘Let’s bring them pieces of content or individual snippets of cont…

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