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Allie Ingalls - InstagramA Little Sunshine Goes a Long Way

Are influence and advocacy marketing the gifts that keep on giving?

Yes, yes they are. And knowing how to tap into pre-existing fans and authentic emotional stories gives you even more. Allie Ingalls and Jennie Hughes of WhiteWave Foods agree that being generous with customer rewards and aware of consumer needs help create a lasting and effective base for true advocacy and successful influence marketing campaigns.

WhiteWave Foods is a big company on a big scale, and—most importantly—has a big heart and a small family farm feel. Dedicated to creating, promoting, and distributing healthy foods worldwide, WhiteWave actively creates innovative products and marketing to drive the demand for healthier foods everywhere. Allie and Jennie are experts on how to make a big idea feel personal, approachable, and successful. (highlight to tweet) They’ve gathered many rays of insights and tools, and, thankfully for us, are willing to share their sunshine.

In This Episode

How telling a story is good advertising
Why giving gifts to customers will bring high returns
Why it helps to use fans as influence marketers
Why constant innovation is essential in marketing
How influence and advocacy are connected


Quotes From This Episode

“An influencer can really be anyone from day to day. (highlight to tweet) And it’s really someone who’s passionate about a belief or opinion or product and they feel so passionate about it that they really want to share that with others.” —@Jennie0384

“It kind of makes you think about the ripple effect. We sort of hit the bullseye and then let the bullseye sort of extend beyond and beyond. I love t…

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