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Mike McGrail - InstagramThe Art of Learning

Mike McGrail joins the Content Pros today all the way from Edinburgh, Scotland. Having recently put his own Digital Marketing Consultancy on hold, he is the new Marketing Director at Administrate. This shift has resulted in a specificity of focus that is new for Mike: after working on ten different strategies for ten different businesses at once, he is now only working on one.

Mike is bringing something new to the table for his five-member team at Administrate: an education system. This is fitting as Administrate develops software for training providers and their students. The educational system includes required reading on everything from marketing psychology to content to social, one-on-one discussion sessions, and weekly team member-led group discussions on various current events.

Mike shares his thoughts on the age-old debate of quantity vs. quality, erring pretty solidly on the side of quality. He even goes so far as to say that the quality of our own consumption is directly connected to our productivity as a marketer. He speaks to best blogging practices, growing a team’s potential, and how to stay on trend to be the best marketer and teacher that you can be.

In This Episode:

How to encourage a corporate learning environment
How to invest in on-trend learning sources
The significance of keeping your team current
Developing a T-shaped marketer
How to instill confidence in your team members and grow their potential
How to resist content shock

Quotes From This Episode:

“In order to cut through that noise, you’ve got to be very, very special with your content, and everything you put out has got to be remarkable. You just …

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