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Why Inspiration is the Secret to Customer Engagement

Marketing has moved on from businesses pushing their agenda to wanting to give back to their communities. We’re realizing we are all in this together and that, despite the competition, knowledge is meant to be shared, not sat upon greedily and milked for all its worth.

This is not just something I believe in—it’s also what we practice. Through the years we have employed a mix of tactics and strategies to generate engagement, which is crucial for the success of a business. Through this process, we’ve learned many lessons about why inspiring people is the clearest path to engaging with them. (highlight to tweet)

Personalize Your Messages

When Imaginovation started out way back in 2011, spamming in the name of marketing was common. Businesses were not interested in engaging with their audiences; they just wanted to be heard (even if on random platforms), and that was it.

When they were not spamming, they were just talking at people, quite in the mold of traditional marketing. There were a lot of professionals who, despite being knowledgeable and articulate, did not really stand out. I chalked it up to a lack of personality.

Our approach differed greatly. We began by keeping our eyes and ears open. In the digital world, this translates to keeping up with the trends, listening in on conversations on Twitter, Facebook, and social media in general, and reading literature that enhances our understanding of the digital space. This process helped us evolve with the world of marketing and implement best practices as we grew.

Since we have benefited from so much timely advice from bloggers and influencers…

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