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Tom Webster - InstagramTelling Stories With Numbers

Though this is Tom Webster’s second appearance on the Content Pros Podcast, he visits this week for a special and timely reason.

In addition to doing market research for brands on consumer behavior and marketing effectiveness, Tom’s employer, Edison Research, is also the sole provider of exit polling data for American political elections. Tom gives us the inside scoop on how this data is collected and distributed, naming it the biggest content marketing project in America. 

No stranger to delicate information, he is not a proponent of the “fail fast” mentality, but believes in taking the necessary time and funding to come to conclusions that are credible and unassailable for the strength of your business. He also believes that where the data fails to support you can be your biggest opportunities for business growth.

Political stratagem aside, Tom talks about his other work at Edison Research where he both supports business data and keeps companies honest, depending on the story that the numbers tell him. He speaks to the importance of voting with your conscience, current podcasting trends, and ballroom dancing. (Yes, you heard that right!)

In This Episode:

How changing news cycles have affected political exit polls in recent years
How our own political voting process is the biggest content marketing project in America
Why evaluating your own “cost of failure” is crucial when conducting internal studies
Why you should think about context before recording your new podcast
Why the “fail fast” mentality is perhaps inadvisable
“Friction” and how it applies to your content

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