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SEO is not just about Google! Yes, that’s right, I genuinely mean this and I’m going to stick to my word.

It’s common practice for SEOs to invest all their time and energies into just one search engine, but this is a limited approach. The truth is that SEOs need to investigate other strategies for generating traffic which don’t rely purely on Google. And to underline this point, I’m going to take a quick look at the current landscape and prove why this is an essential step for SEOs to take.

In mid-February, after a few months of in-depth testing, Google finally released details on the 4 paid ads on top. And there’s one particularly keen insight that Dr. Pete has uncovered that you need to pay attention to.


With 4 paid ads on top, Google is setting itself up in the enviable position of being able to control 80% of the results above the fold. This scenario raises many questions, but the most intriguing one concerns the effect it will have on the organic results CTR.


For example, let’s quickly do a search on the religion of enlightenment, Buddhism. Can you see the 2nd or 3rd results? Hardly positive karma, isn’t it?

The alternative search engine

I could speak about the lurking potential hidden deep within Bing, but I’ve got nothing to add to the swathes of articles going over old ground.

Instead, I want to take a sidestep from current SEO trends and focus on the fastest-growing search engine: DuckDuckGo.

It’s a search engine which respects its users’ pr…

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