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Stat of the Month

I am ready to proclaim that 2016 will be the Year of Mobile.

Don’t worry—I’m only kidding. Quite frankly, if I hear someone actually proclaim that—and I know if I Google “Year of Mobile,” I’ll find plenty of articles in my search results—I will bang my head against the nearest wall until it is stricken from my memory.

In other words, enough already with the “(Insert Year here) will be the year of mobile” nonsense. The world is mobile. We get it. Move on.

The latest iteration of the Duke University Fuqua School of Business CMO Survey found that 40% of CMOs believe mobile marketing contributes nothing to overall performance. Conducted twice a year, this survey pulls back the curtain (or the doors to the CMO lounge) to take a peek at what CMOs are thinking on a wide array of topics. Among the topics this time around was mobile marketing.

CMO Survey Mobile Marketing

As you can see, 4 in 10 CMOs feel that mobile marketing is providing nothing when it comes to contributing to their brand’s overall performance. Forgive me, but am I the only one blown away by that stat? Why are so many CMOs disavowing mobile marketing? (highlight to tweet)

Hold that thought.

The Mobile Dichotomy

The CMO Survey also revealed that CMOs plan to increase spending on mobile marketing nearly 150% over the next three years.

Huh? How could 40% of CMOs state that, on one hand, mobile marketing is not doing anything for …

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