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Why the Fire Drill Content Model Doesn't Work

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Anyone who’s worked in an agency is all too familiar with the term “fire drill.” Those two little words may even conjure bad memories of a race-to-the-finish, last-minute project or a client call that sends your blood pressure skyrocketing.

Some degree of stress comes with the agency territory of fast-paced decision-making. But the risk of “fire drills” increases even more as agencies become overloaded with content—both for clients and their own internal purposes. The more overloaded an agency becomes, the more likely it is to burn through staff members or crank out work at the last minute, resulting in subpar content that benefits no one.

Here’s why this method doesn’t work, and how your agency can restructure its content-creation processes to be more efficient and scalable.

Think Before Jumping on the Content Train

Content creation is a great way to maintain an ongoing relationship with clients, not to mention an effective method for acquiring and retaining customers. But often, agencies haven’t scaled to accommodate the content demands. Content tends to get a “cross that bridge when we come to it” approach, meaning agencies never have a chance to assess how best to triage content needs for clients.

Many agencies want to hitch their wagons to the train of content marketing and strategy. They think that just because they have copywriters and account managers, they have a content marketing team.

As a result, agency copywriters (and some account managers) are being asked to shoulder the burden of content creation for clients—even though they have drastically different areas of…

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