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Why You Need a Business Strategy, Not a Social Strategy

There’s no shortage of how-to articles and blog posts on leveraging the power of social media. And with this endless sea of social media-touting commentary, it’s natural to think you’ve got to jump headfirst into the social sphere to keep your brand from getting left in the dust.

Although the need to engage with social media in business is undeniable, it’s easy to miss the bigger picture in all this: your business goals. Your business strategy should come first; your social media strategy should follow. (highlight to tweet) Here’s why.

Getting the Sequence All Wrong

You might argue that social platforms are where your buyers are, so it makes sense to dedicate time and resources there to figure out how to reach and interact with them.

The problem with this approach is that it means viewing social media as both the beginning and end. In this scenario, social strategy is where things start and social goals are where they end. This is incredibly limiting and fails to recognize all the other, highly important parts of your business.

First, consider your business objectives. What are your biggest goals? It could be awareness, lead generation, faster customer service, or engagement with industry partners. What actions do you need your prospects and customers to take to achieve those goals? Once these things are clearly defined, you can bring social media into the conversation.

The business strategy and its goals should drive of all social efforts. For example, improved customer service might require one set of tools and resources, while changing brand perceptions and building brand awareness may require a c…

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