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Rebekah Iliff_InstagramGotta Have Faith

Wouldn’t it be nice to control absolutely everything?

Actually no. Not really. Sometimes it’s best to trust your choices and let go after looking closely at well-collected data.

Rebekah Iliff is a powerhouse of energy, savvy, and wisdom after years in the PR business. She’s coined the term “PRTech,” and believes in using data wisely,  consistently, and taking the time to find the specific influencer that suits your needs and letting them grow your message far beyond what your brand thought imaginable. 

Rebekah’s company, AirPR, is a PRTech company that provides, data, insights, and analytic solutions for the constantly developing PR industry, bringing actionable insights to all.

She loves pushing the envelope and shares her ideas today on how businesses can create measurable programs with trusted influencer campaigns.

In This Episode

How to make your brand its own influencer
How to deeply trust your influencers
Why you need data and analytics every step of the way
Why positive, respectful relationships are so important
Why you need to know your goals inside and out before launching any campaigns


Quotes From This Episode

“I only listen to people who I trust, have relationships with, know have influence, and have in some way, shape, or form been vetted.” —@rebekahiliff

“I think if you are internal to a brand, you also need to be thinking about not only how do we tap into influencers so we can do influence marketing, but how can we be influencers ourselves?” —@rebekahiliff

“You have to really focus on the core values, the authentic person or statement behind something. People can smell BS from …

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