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Why You Need Design Thinking and How to Use It

My daughters are fluent French-speaking wonders, and they’ve taught me something amazing about linguistics and communication: French speakers implement a specific salutation for different people holding different stations within society. It seems obvious, and there are some remnants of it in English, but we might have forgotten the lesson it was supposed to teach us.

Consider to whom you’re speaking when crafting your message.

Marketing is a relationship. At its best, marketing makes us feel special, understanding our needs and communicating based on what the marketers know of us. At its worst, it feels like a tone-deaf opera singer blasting away in our ears.

Consider where the most interesting conversations are happening right now. Social media enables one-to-many and one-to-one dialogues between brands and individuals. Wearable technology is the nervous system for making marketing and experiences intelligent—it provides a deeper, more intimate view into the behaviors, needs, and wants of every wearer.

Because we’re entering an age of natural language interfaces and believable human-machine interactions, we have opportunities to extend the voice and elastic nature of conversation far beyond the reach of any individual department. We have the tools to get there, and learning how to use them will be the difference between marketing that feels like it understands its audience and marketing that is full of well-designed, perfectly written messages that are never actually read.

Design Thinking Is the Next Frontier

Design thinking is the information economy’s equivalent of the revolutionary assembly line, which led to th…

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