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Why Your Brand Should Create Less Content

Quick! It’s time to audit the amount of content on your social channels. Whose voice is behind the majority of the content you share on social and in your blog?

Is it the voice of your brand? If so, that’s not good.

When brands prioritize and amplify the voice of the consumer, they cause engagement, brand lift, and community building. (highlight to tweet)

Any marketer who is not living in a cave knows that a brand talking about themselves all the time is not ideal. The question that baffles so many of us marketers, then, is this: How do we actually get consumers to create content about us and share their love?

Here are four influencer marketing strategies with user-generated content as their backbone, complete with actionable strategies you can use to do a better job of amplifying the voices your consumers actually want to hear from.

1. Equip Them with Story-Worthy Assets

If you follow my content or GroupHigh, you know that I’m obsessed with prAna’s marketing and their product. My favorite marketing example of theirs is the #7daystretch campaign, where they challenged a handful of bloggers to wear the same pants for seven days and share a picture from each day—pants provided for free, of course!

prana 7 day stretch campaign

What you should learn: Focus on the story and giving your content creators story-worthy assets instead of just focusing on your brand.

2. Make Rules for Y…

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