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Make ‘Em Laugh

What’s the one thing that business leaders forget when crafting their brand identity and business stories?


A little lightheartedness can go a long way when forging connections with your consumer base, and who better to learn this skill from than the Social Media Lead of The Onion, “America’s finest news source”?

Eric Munn heads up the social programming at Onion Labs, the in-house advertising agency of The Onion. The Labs are an independent off-shoot of the company and lead their social practices and partner campaigns.

Eric works with companies who seek to create viral, humorous content, and surprise their consumer base with a laugh. Another advantage of these projects is that the satirical style mastered by the writers of The Onion’s news articles also appears in advertising content, to the great delight of The Onion’s considerable fan base. Thus, brands get to expand their network and reach while having a whole lot of fun.

Eric joins us to illuminate the effect comedy can have on viral social media stories, and to share some tips that will help business leaders implement this humor in their own business stories.

In This Episode

How The Onion has mastered digital storytelling—and how you can, too
The three ingredients essential to every humorous tweet and post
How to create “thumb-stoppers” (highlight to tweet)
The secrets of social and how it can make or break a storyteller
How more brands can take advantage of having more fun in their marketing
The power of visuals on social media


Quotes From This Episode

“Many people like to call The Onion a fake newspape…

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