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Sangram Vajre - InstagramChallenging the Sales Status Quo

We all know the sales funnel. We are familiar with its design, function, and purpose. But what if somebody came along and told you that your funnel had been upside down this whole time? And that starting with a narrow field of prospects and expanding as you went was actually better than whittling down from a large pool to a handful of qualified leads and customers? It seems crazy, right?

Sangram Vajre has found that turning the sales cycle literally on its head is the best approach to closing deals and building a foundation of advocates. The new revenue model has become all about customer experience. His revolutionary approach has spurred a movement within martech and given rise to a series of festivals, conferences, and virtual summits that are drawing in hundreds of marketing specialists from around the world and challenging the status quo on a daily basis.

In This Episode

How the most popular approach to sales is leading to a decrease in customers
Why challenging the status quo means embracing the competition
How losing prospects leads to gaining advocates
Why building a community means proactively adding value to you customer’s day


Quotes From This Episode

“At the end of the day, these customers are online and talking about stuff. As a marketing team, we have access to all of this information.” —@sangramvajre

“We need to be more of an experience engine because customer experience is customer success.” —@sangramvajre (highlight to tweet)

“We learned that we can turn our prospects who are not our customers into our advocates.” —@sangramvajre


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