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Why Zappos Wants to Create a New Holiday

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What would you do with an extra day off? This is the inspiration behind Zappos’ #TakeTheLeap campaign, an initiative to turn Leap Day into a national paid holiday. Hosted on Change.org and a dedicated Zappos website, the company offers some compelling reasons for its position.

Zappos Leap Day

Zappos celebrated Leap Day by giving all 1,600 employees the day off as a paid holiday and encouraged them to #TakeTheLeap and cross an item off of their bucket list. (highlight to tweet) Watch as CEO Tony Hsieh tells employees that they will all have Leap Day off and inspires them to think about how they want to spend their day.

Then, Zappos took it a step further and documented how its employees checked off their Leap Day bucket list items.

To move this initiative forward, Zappos is looking for 100,000 people to sign its Change.org petition. From there, the next steps are unclear, but as Zappos notes, “The President can declare a one-time federal holiday by way of executive order. Creating a new federal holiday for good will require Congressional approval.”

While it could seem far-fetched for a company like Zappos to embark on an initiative like this, the company is essentially leading by example. CEO Tony Hsieh could easily decide to give all Zappos employees every Leap Year off…

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