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Reporting live from Connect, our two-day search event in Miami, here’s the second in a series of posts summarising a few of our sessions, covering either organic engagement or paid search innovation.

Yesterday, we heard from the awesome Larry Kim from WordStream, the most influential PPC expert for three years in a row and a man who can rattle through 156 fascinating and incredibly helpful slides without taking a breath.

What’s the current landscape of PPC?

Well, it doesn’t look great. As Larry says, “We’ve had a good run. It’s been 15 years, but there are headwinds on the horizon.”

And those ‘headwinds’ are…

Paid search CPCs are at an all time high, across Google and Bing.
Certain verticals are insanely expensive.
Mobile is responsible for 50%+ of all Google searches.
There are fewer ad spots on mobile.
Apps are stealing from desktop searches, people are just opening a Yelp-type app and searching within there.
95% of time online is spent consuming content, but only 5% are actually searching for it.

WordStream’s @larrykim: 95% of time online is spent consuming content but just 5% searching for it. pic.twitter.com/fqBl6Dpii4

— Search Engine Watch (@sewatch) February 4, 2016

But there is a new power rising in PPC: social media ads.

Social media ads

PPC marketers should pay more attention to social ads. Don’t be sceptical about this, because we can move far beyond the ‘like campaigns’ from a few short years ago.

The key to future social ads success is to focus on ‘assisted conversion’; using paid social ads to indirectly assist organic posts.

Social ads do fantastically well. They allow you to build up and amplify your brand, and create demand for your products or services.

Here you need to create content and “amplify the crap out of this stuff” in a very cheap manner and target the right people who will consume it.

The ot…

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