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TL;DR – You can now get Followerwonk on its own for $29 – give it a whirl (or read all the words I wrote below, so I don’t feel sad.)

It was an unseasonably normal morning here in Seattle when we launched the integration of Followerwonk into the Moz suite of tools, just a little more than three years ago. We were excited to give Pro subscribers MOAR in-depth social data, and since we were full-on fangirls of Followerwonk, it was the perfect fit. We were at a pivotal point at Moz where our focus was to be the one tool to do all things inbound online marketing!

Almost immediately, we began receiving questions from folks who were only interested in Followerwonk.

@SEOmoz what about the folks who just want followerwonk but not the 99 dollar tag for the pro toolset? Any plans for separate pricing?
— Ryan Farrell (@rumstreet) August 16, 2012

We found that there were tons of reasons why someone might be interested in FW, but not be ready for the full suite of Moz tools. And over the years, as we’ve worked to improve the product, we continued to see same question.

It seems you can’t just buy access to @followerwonk – you have to subscribe/pay for a bunch of other completely irrelevant tools. #fail #BS
— Niall Ó Gribín (@nogribin) June 25, 2015

Followerwonk was, and still is, a unique product that helps social media marketers, SEOs, content marketers, public relations specialists, sales executives, and everyone in between! (No, but seriously, it doesn’t matter if I’m at an SEO conference or one that’s social media-focused, people are talking about Followerwonk.) So why were we trying to force people into using other tools as well?

Please say hello to Followerwonk, now with 4 levels: FREE, $29, $79, and Enterprise.

You can get your FWonk on all day, every day.

Reminder of all the awesomeness you can do with Followerwonk

Here’s the deal. I was asked to remind you all about the most popular use cases in FW, and why you should check it out. We’ve improved the interface, sped up reports, crossed our t’s and dotted our i’s… But let’s be real, if you’re here reading this instead of PLAYING WITH IT, you’re off your rocker.

Please Jen, stop writing and take me to Followerwonk!

Fine, still reading? Here’s a bulleted list:

Competitor research (aka stalking)

Brand building (Find those influencers, yo)
Engagement lead tool
Social media strategy and analytics (My favorite is figuring out the best time to tweet, and then connecting directly with Buffer. GOAL!)

Social media management tool (aka you can follow/unfollow people easily)
Provide valuable insights and granular follower data (additional stalking)

(Not an endorsement, just a meme!)

User-friendly visualization of Twitter accounts (pretty graphs and charts!)
Social Authority and Twitter activity scoring (DATA!)
Keyword searching bios/profiles

Track multiple accounts at once
Download data to a CSV

Dedicated Moz team

One thing I personally find exciting about the launch of Followerwonk as a standalone product is that we have a dedicated, passionate team focused on it. This group is all across the country and uses Slack to stay on top of things.

I’d love to give a quick shout out (HEY YOU!) to this amazing team:

Peter Li – Manages the things

Marc Mims – Professional problem solver

Chris Prather – Breaker of things on a contract basis

Erik – Maker of things

Rachelle – Tester of things

Yun Oudaha – Tester of things

Ben – Designer of all the things

Chris – The fearless leader and product head for Followerwonk

But I have all the questions!
I’m currently a Pro member (and I WANT MY WONK):

You are IN LUCK! All existing Moz Pro subscribers (as of Thursday, December 3rd) will be grandfathered into the largest subscription tier, Followerwonk Enterprise. As long as you retain your existing Moz Pro subscription, you will continue to have access to Followerwonk at no additional charge. Can I get a “yee haw?”

I currently enjoy using Followerwonk for free (and I’m worried you’re taking it all away):

We have made changes to the daily search and report limits, but there’s still plenty to love for free. You can get a more detailed breakdown of limits and access by subscription tier by checking out the plans and pricing. (FREE, people, free.)

I want Followerwonk to do something that it doesn’t already do:

Please, tell us what you’d like to see. I may know a few folks who can just make that happen! 😉 One teaser for early next year is the expansion into another social network. Bring it, 2016.

What are you waiting for? Go check out Followerwonk!

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