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You’re Doing Retargeting Wrong Here’s How to Fix It

Did you know that of all the targeting options you have when it comes to PPC, retargeting can be the most effective one?

Retargeting effectiveness

Image via ComScore

The only downside is that many people do it so wrong. Grouping all your visitors into one audience and hitting them with the same message is the common practice. And while I applaud you for having done something, this kind of retargeting can have some serious consequences.

In a study by InSkin Media and RAPP, retargeting a redundant message across multiple PPC channels was found to frustrate visitors more than delight. (highlight to tweet) In fact, all the bad emotions you’d expect from retargeting outweighed all the positive emotions by a landslide.

Reaction to retargeting ads

Image via InSkin

But don’t worry—we’re going to change the curve of those bars.

Over 53% of respondents in the study said that retargeting ads are initially useful and helpful, but after seeing the same message more than five times, the chance of conversion goes down drastically.

So instead of just using retargeting for the sake of retargeting, let’s look at some interesting ways to imp…

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